Ginger JohnsonBeer is as commonplace as can be, yet so many people really know so little about it. Join Ginger Johnson, host of BeerRadio, as she talks live with people from all over the beer community every week. You'll be entertained, learn plenty, and have fun doing so.

Ginger is the founder of Women Enjoying Beer, a research driven education and marketing company headquartered in Southern Oregon. BeerRadio and being part of KSKQ is a perfect complement to this work, which serves the female beer consumer and the professional beer community helping them properly market beer to women. Ginger Johnson

"KSKQ has provided a superb setting to launch a radio program," Johnson says. She'd been long thinking of doing something like that when she heard KSKQ folks talk about it at a local business meeting. "Perfect! I get to learn, hone my skills and talk with great people about beer - all on our local community supported radio station."

Tune in every Wednesday 5 - 6 PST for BeerRadio. The archives are available 24/7, thanks to other KSKQ folks.

Cheers to radio, beer and free speech.