(aired 10/1/10)


I’m not too crazy to say you’ll really like this show. It’s all thanks to Sabrina Baugh, who suggested the theme and gave me a list of fitting songs. I never knew there were so many crazy songs!

  1. clip: Crazy For You – Madonna [suggested by Sabrina Baugh, Rusty Drake]
  2. Crazy – Patsy Cline [suggested by Sabrina Baugh, Emily Westerman]
  3. Crazy On You – Heart  [suggested by Rusty Drake, Ray Morley]
  4. Crazy Baldhead – Bob Marley [suggested by Sabrina Baugh]
  5. Crazy Love – Van Morrison [suggested by Sabrina Baugh, Carrie Bader]
  6. clip: Crazy For You – Miho Hatori
  7. Crazy – Gnarls Barkley [suggested by Sabrina Baugh, Christi Wruck]
  8. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy – Michael Franti & Spearhead
  9. Lets Go Crazy – Prince [suggested by Leslie Crabtree]
  10. Mama He’s Crazy – Miranda Lambert [suggested by Crystal Hannan]
  11. clip: Still Crazy After All These Years – Paul Simon [suggested by Ray Morley]
  12. Crazy Love Vol II – Paul Simon [suggested by Laurie Hultquist]
  13. Crazy – Alana Davis
  14. Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen [suggested by Sabrina Baugh, Laurie Hultquist]
  15. Loco De Amor (Crazy For Love) – David Byrne With Celia Cruz
  16. clip: Livin’ La Vida Loca (Spanish version) – Ricky Martin [suggested by Rusty Drake]
  17. Livin’ la Vida Loca – Ricky Martin [suggested by Rusty Drake]
  18. At My Front Door (Crazy Little Mama) – The El Dorados [suggested by Rusty Drake]
  19. Crazy – Pylon [suggested by Rachel Jones]
  20. Crazy Mary – Victoria Williams
  21. clip: Crazy Mary – Pearl Jam
  22. Fireplace – R.E.M. [suggested by Sabrina Baugh]
  23. She Drives Me Crazy – Fine Young Cannibals [suggested by Sabrina Baugh, Rusty Drake]
  24. Crazy He Calls Me – Billie Holiday [suggested by Sabrina Baugh]
  25. Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne [suggested by Laurie Hultquist]
  26. clip: Crazy – Willie Nelson [suggested by Julaine Morley]
  27. You Drive Me Crazy – Greg Brown [suggested by John Seligman]

Originally aired on KSKQ on October 1, 2010. Select the play button below to listen to the recorded show. (If the link isn’t visible, click on the show title at the top to refresh the page.)

2 Responses to “Crazy”

  • Wayne Zinkand Says:

    Just for the record, Willie Nelson is the author of the Patsy Cline classic, “Crazy”.

  • admin Says:

    Ah thanks, Wayne! That’s so interesting to know that Willie wrote it. I did a flippage due to lack of fact-checking. Good to know the real scoop now.