Joshua Geesaman’s Music: The Caravan

(aired 7/2/10)

My friend Joshua Geesaman is an incredibly creative artist of many mediums. Music is one of them, and he recently started putting together song and sounds identified as The Caravan. Today’s show is his witty creation, a compilation of recordings that he originally made for April Fool’s. Josh added that an appropriate name for this particular mix would be “Bizarre Music for Dinner and Dance.”

As Josh shares, “The inspiration behind this is that I’ve always been interested in incredibly strange music. I think humor in music, whether it’s unintentional, silly, dark… whatever, is important now and then. This show is a collection of some of the best stuff I’ve found in my travels. I wanted to include a few well-known names (George Harrison, Frank Zappa, Van Morrison) and also some artists I’m sure 95% of your audience have never heard of (Joe Beard, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, etc).”

When I asked him about what he gets out of these music projects, he replied: “I’ve been putting together these mixes for about six months. It comes from my desire to share music with people that they may not have otherwise been exposed to and also because I love sound collages. These shows are like a finely orchestrated and deliberate sound collage. And since I find top 40 radio very boring and homogenized, these shows provide a nice change for my own listening pleasure.”

Thank you, Josh, for sharing your provoking perspective on Maya’s Mix! If anyone else has music ideas to share with our listeners, please email me at I welcome all input.

  1. Ali’s Historical Song – MUHAMMAD ALI
  2. What to Do in Case of a Nuclear Attack (Part One)
  3. What Does a Bad Person Look Like – JOE BEARD
  4. Cow – MIKE SOPHIA
  5. I Predict a Riot – THE BONZO DOG BAND
  6. Plant Talk – MOLLY ROTH
  7. All the Bits – VAN MORRISON
  8. The Pirate Song – GEORGE HARRISON
  9. Goody & Goody’s Goody Goody Yummy Gummy Gooey Gooey Gumdrops – GOOFY
  10. Nut Pumpkin –  JOY ALLAN WILSHER
  11. Ginger Geezer – VIVIAN STANSHALL
  13. Wild Root Hair Cream Commercial
  14. Dandruff? – THE MONKEES
  15. Grope Need (Part One) – THE FUGS
  16. What to Do in Case of a Nuclear Attack (Part Two)
  18. The Ohio Prison Fire – BOB MILLER
  19. Fluffy – GLORIA BALSAM
  21. You’re Probably Wondering Why I’m Here –  THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION
  22. Alexander Graham Bell – RICHARD THOMPSON
  23. Merry Go Round – WILD MAN FISCHER
  24. Magic Oranges from Spain – (UNKNOWN ARTIST)
  25. Who’s Knocking at My Door – THE LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY
  26. I’d Rather Be Thin Than Famous – JACK KEROUAC & STEVE ALLEN

Originally aired on KSKQ on July 2, 2010. Select the play button below to listen to the recorded show. (If the link isn’t visible, click on the show title at the top to refresh the page.)

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