American Idol: Season 9 Tribute

(aired 5/28/10)


American Idol’s ninth season just ended this week. Ellen DeGeneres had debuted as a fourth judge, and it was the final season for Simon Cowell. Ryan Seacrest continued to be the charming host, while Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson added their input as the other judges. Today I had the honor of bringing them all into the KSKQ studio as fellow hosts of Maya’s Mix! 😉

We all enjoyed some entertaining dialogue together, while listening to a collection of songs from various contestants through the season. In addition, the winner, Lee DeWyze, joined us for an interview. This Maya’s Mix is dedicated to my friend Jayne, since we had fun watching American Idol together this season!

  1. Falling Slowly – Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox
  2. Ryan Seacrest interviews Lee Dewyze
  3. Bret Michaels talks with Lee Dewyze
  4. Saved – Crystal Bowersox
  5. Ryan and Simon come out of the closet
  6. Straight Up – Andrew Garcia
  7. Let It Be – Katie Stevens
  8. Daughters – Casey James
  9. Paint It Black – Siobhan Magnus
  10. Ryan Seacrest interviews Simon Cowell
  11. Eleanor Rigby – Michael Lynche
  12. Jimmy Kimmel’s clips of Simon
  13. Beautiful Day – Lee DeWyze
  14. Me And Bobby Mcgee – Crystal Bowersox

Originally aired on KSKQ on May 28, 2010. Select the play button below to listen to the recorded show. (If the link isn’t visible, click on the show title at the top to refresh the page.)

3 Responses to “American Idol: Season 9 Tribute”

  • Susan Says:

    Lucky you, Maya! Great job getting Simon and the others on the show. 🙂

  • Lexi Says:

    oh, what fun! wish i had caught this one. you do the best shows!

  • admin Says:

    Aw, thanks for the support! Yeah, it was fun with my co-hosts, and Simon was a hoot. You can still listen to the recording anytime (posted on this blog entry).