Brainstorm: your all-time fave song and your most recent top pick

I have an idea for a theme that could potentially span a handful of shows. It is based on the following questions:

  • #1 fave: What is your all-time favorite song (or one of them), and why does it have significance for you? How does it make you feel when you hear it?
  • Your latest pick: What is a song that you’ve recently found (or perhaps rediscovered) that you’ve been liking a lot lately? Why do you think it hooked you?

I’ll play the two songs you pick, as well as reading your answers to these questions. It would be ideal to have a recording of your own voice, so perhaps I can interview locals with a recorder. Anyone is welcome to send me written answers that I’ll read on the air — or send me an audio recording of your answers (email the mp3 to

I realize it might be hard to narrow it down to your top picks! But please give it a shot. I want to hear your answers. I’d like to feature 5-8 people per week.

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