(aired 3/26/10)

Days of the Week, Part 1: Monday – Thursday

When I originally started brainstorming for this topic, I thought I’d include all seven days of the week in one show. Then I realized that there are actually more songs about weekends than weekdays. So, thanks to all the great ideas from you listeners, there will be two episodes for this theme. Today we featured Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tune in next week to hear songs about Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  1. Clip from: Happy Days – Pratt & McCaine [suggested by Rachel Murray, Brandon Ducharme]
  2. Clip from: Kens Bursdag (Manic Monday) – Barbie
  3. Manic Monday – Relient K; Manic Monday – The Bangles [suggested by Michaela DeSoucey, Suzanne Devereux, Crystal Hannan, David Rood]
  4. Stormy Monday Blues – Muddy Waters [general song suggested by Michael Niemann]
  5. Monday, Monday – The Mamas And The Papas [suggested by Dee Yoh, Suzanne Devereux, David Rood, Nick Viani]
  6. Clip from: I Gotta Feeling – Black-Eyed Peas [suggested by Adam Koren, Kim Keller]
  7. Blue Monday – Nouvelle Vague [general song suggested by David Rood]
  8. Long Monday – John Prine [suggested by Rachel Murphy, Nick Viani]
  9. Sun Comes up, It’s Tuesday Morning – Cowboy Junkies [suggested by Carrie Bader]
  10. Clip from: Eight Days A Week – The Beatles [suggested by Jessica Vineyard]
  11. Ruby Tuesday medley – The Rolling Stones, London Symphony, Dawn Kenny, Over the Rhine, Franco Battiato, The Grassmasters, Young @ Heart Chorus [original version suggested by Laurie Hultquist, Jessica Vineyard, Stuart Finkel, David Rood]
  12. Wednesday – Tori Amos [suggested by Stuart Finkel]
  13. Ash Wednesday Blues – Anders Osborne  [suggested by Nick Viani]
  14. Waiting For Wednesday – Lisa Loeb  [suggested by Stuart Finkel]
  15. Thursday – Morphine
  16. Jersey Thursday – Donovan [suggested by David Rood]
  17. Police On My Back – The Clash [suggested by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross]

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One Response to “Weekdays”

  • Stephan Krueger Says:

    Pardon me for sending this note so late. I don’t think it will get to you before the studio production deadline. However, I just discovered this song from 1999 by David Bowie called
    Thursday’s Child
    . About cut of 2’25” gets you through the first two stanzas and the chorus. In this live performance, you can fade in at 1:12 and fade out after 3:31. The song was on the album ‘hours…’ and the title has a connection to a one-time autobiography of Eartha Kitt, called “Thursday’s Child.”

    Just a bit of trivia for you, and no need to play the song if your playlist is already full to the brim 🙂 I’m just keeping to the theme of the day!