(aired 2/12/10)

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, which is this Sunday, today’s relevant topic is hearts. “Of all the earthly music, that which reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart,” said Henry Ward Beecher. And I’d say that the beats of these tunes are also good enough to reach the high heavens — or at least your own divine ears. Thank you to everyone for all the song suggestions. I hope your heartbeat quickens when you hear this week’s show…

  1. You Give Love a Bad Name – Deborah Lippmann [suggested by Elizabeth Hamer for Bon Jovi version]
  2. Two Hearts Beat As One – U2 [suggested by Mark Mezadourian, Jayne Wangen and Ian Dock]
  3. In The Shape Of A Heart – Jackson Browne [suggested by Ray Morley]
  4. Heartless – Kanye West
  5. Your Cheatin’ Heart – Fats Domino [suggested by Crystal Hannan and Nick Viani for Hank Williams version]
  6. Your Heart Is An Empty Room – Death Cab For Cutie [suggested by Juli Chamberlin]
  7. Tortured, Tangled Hearts – Dixie Chicks [suggested by Leslie Crabtree]
  8. Heart of Glass – The Bad Plus [suggested by Nikki Thommen Bingham for Blondie version]
  9. Heartbeats – José González
  10. Harden My Heart – Quarterflash [suggested by Lexi Soulios, Jayne Wangen and Ian Dock]
  11. I Have a Million Nightingales – Libana [suggested by Sooni & Nick Viani]
  12. Baby, You Make My Heart Sing – The Channels [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  13. THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER (LOUIE VEGA ROOTS DUB) – Thievery Corporation feat. David Byrne
  14. En del Av Mitt Hjarta (Piece of My Heart) – Caroline af Ugglas [general song suggested by Crystal Hannan, Nick Viani, Lynn Gates]
  15. A Heart Needs A Home – Shawn Colvin & Loudon Wainwright III
  16. Heart-Shaped Box – Nirvana [suggested by Scott Howard, Lynn Gates]
  17. Pop! Goes My Heart – Hugh Grant [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  18. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart – Wilco [suggested by Nikki Thommen Bingham]
  19. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (live) – The Jimi Hendrix Experience [Beatles version suggested by Gary Bearman, Mark Mezadourian, Rachel Murphy]
  20. Melt Your Heart – Jenny Lewis [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  21. Groove Is In The Heart – Deee-Lite [suggested by Crystal Hannan]

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