(aired 1/22/10)

Two past shows have featured modes of transportation: trains (7/17/09) and planes (10/9/09). Today it’s time to complete the set by focusing on automobiles. With a diverse mix of suggestions from you listeners, I compiled a list of songs about cars, trucks, driving, buses, tractors and even an ambulance. While I certainly am an advocate for alternative modes of transportation (such as mass transit, bicycling and walking), the songs today explore a major piece of our cultural heritage. As you’ll hear, autos are icons. They can represent adventure, identity, relationships, control, escape, group camaraderie, big dreams, and so much more. Thanks to everyone for your contributions to this show. Let’s go for a ride!

  1. Little Deuce Coupe – The Beach Boys [suggested by Dee Yoh, David Rood]
  2. 455 Rocket – Kathy Mattea [suggested by Elizabeth Hamer]
  3. Cars – Gary Numan [suggested by Mark Mezadourian]
  4. Drive My Car – Bobby McFerrin [Beatles version suggested by Ed Keller, Derek Keevil]
  5. Terraplane Blues – Robert Johnson [suggested by Kevin Schlottmann]
  6. Radar Love – Golden Earring [suggested by Eagle Jones]
  7. See The U.S.A. In Your Chevrolet – Dinah Shore
  8. Two Drivers – Ramon And Jessica
  9. Convoy – C.W. McCall [suggested by John Jarrell]
  10. Speeding Cars – Imogen Heap
  11. Mustang Sally – The Commitments [suggested by Ray Morley]
  12. Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round – Raffi and kids [general song suggested by Erik Runquist]
  13. Mercury Blues – David Lindley & Ry Cooder [suggested by Maria Katsantones]
  14. Stickshifts and Safetybelts – Cake [suggested by Dan Kraut, Derek Keevil]
  15. Mercedes Benz – Janis Joplin
  16. Ambulance – TV on the Radio
  17. Little GTO – Ronnie And The Daytonas [suggested by Julaine Morley, Russ Otte]
  18. Brand New ’64 Dodge – Greg Brown [suggested by John Seligman]
  19. Engine Heart – Mirah
  20. Car Song – Woody Guthrie [suggested by David Rood]
  21. Big Green Tractor – Jason Aldean [suggested by Crystal Hannan]
  22. Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
  23. Pink Cadillac medley – Natalie Cole, Lullaby Players, Bruce Springsteen, Pickin’ On Series, Kid and Nic Show [general song suggested by Molly Ballew & Woo, and Crystal Hannan]

Originally aired on KSKQ on January 22, 2010. Select the play button below to listen to the recorded show. (If the link isn’t visible, click on the show title at the top to refresh the page.)

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