(aired 11/27/09)

gratitudeThanksgiving was yesterday. When I was brainstorming potential themes appropriate for this radio show, I had to cross some off the list because they’d already been covered in past weeks. For example, you might automatically think of the gobbling turkey on this holiday, yet I already covered the topic of birds for my July 10, 2009 show. And when pumpkin pie popped into my mind, I remembered featuring sweet stuff and desserts in my second broadcast, on May 15, 2009. So what theme would be appropriate? While the focus of this holiday certainly seems to be the meal, it dawned on me that it’s also a celebration of gratitude. Aha! Of course — songs with THANKful titles and lyrics.

I’m certainly in gratitude for a lot in my life. This was a chance to think about all those little satisfactions we normally take for granted. For what are you thankful?… Today I especially feel grateful for all the fabulous ideas I got from other people for this show, leading me to find some perfect songs for the theme. Thank you so much!

  1. I Thank You – ZZ Top [suggested by Ray Morley]
  2. Gratitude – Sweet Honey In The Rock
  3. Thank You Everyday – Deee-Lite [suggested by Amy Pete]
  4. I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For – Bing Crosby
  5. Thank You (acapella) – Dido [suggested by Emily Westerman]
  6. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel – Talking Heads [suggested by Mark Mezadourian]
  7. So Long & Thanks For All The Fish – Hilary Summers, Kemi Ominiyi & The R’SVP Voices (The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy soundtrack) [suggested by Erin Gilpin]
  8. Thank You For Being A Friend – Cynthia Fee (Golden Girls recording) [suggested by Clay Bustin]
  9. Thank You For Being A Friend – Andrew Gold [suggested by Dee Yoh]
  10. Grateful – Au Revoir Simone
  11. Thanksgiving Song – Adam Sandler
  12. Thank You, Lord, For Sending Me The F Train – Mike Doughty [suggested by Travis Ogden]
  13. A Deus Eu Agradeco (To God I Give Thanks) – Padrinho Alfredo
  14. Thanksgiving Day – Ray Davies
  15. The Thanks I Get – Wilco
  16. Appreciate Me – Devon
  17. Thank You Lord – Rev. Clay Evans & The AARC Mass Choir (African-American Religious Choir

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