(aired 9/14/12)

GiveThis show aired during the “Watts up!” Fall 2012 pledge drive for KSKQ.  Michael Niemann co-hosted with me. At the time he was the host of two shows, New Music Show and Dakar to Durban. We raised $85 during the show.

It’s never too late to pledge, since the station always needs your support. Visit to become a member.

  1. Give A Little Bit – Supertramp
  2. Give a Little Love – Rilo Kiley
  3. Give A Man A Fish – Arrested Development
  4. Give It Up, Turn It Loose (live) – James Brown
  5. Giving It All To You – Liz Phair
  6. Give It Away – Andrew Bird
  7. Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. Give Peace a Chance (live) – John Lennon
  9. Give A Man A Home – The Blind Boys Of Alabama
  10. Give Me One Reason – Tracy Chapman
  11. You Never Give Me Your Money – Sarah Vaughan
  12. You Never Give Me Your Money – The Beatles
  13. Give Me Back My Name – Talking Heads
  14. Give Me My Month – James Blake
  15. Give Your Woman What She Wants – Taj Mahal
  16. Give It Up, Turn It Loose – En Vogue
  17. Giving Up The Gun – Vampire Weekend
  18. Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush
  19. Give it Up – Cara Luft
  20. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
  21. Give – Jupiter Moon
  22. Give Him the Ooh-La-La – Cole Porter
  23. Give Me Back My Man – The B-52’s

Originally aired on KSKQ on September 14, 2012.

Recording not yet available.

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