4-Letter Words (Part I)

(aired 4/27/12)

Every song on this show has a title of a 4-letter word. Don’t worry, since this was broadcast on a law-abiding station, the 7 naughty words were left out: darn, heck, slut, fart, butt, hell and crap. 😉

Thank you for all the song suggestions! You listeners gave me a rich list of choices.

Note: Unfortunately there seemed to be a technical glitch that caused the recording to be at higher audio levels than they should have been. Thus some pieces of the show don’t necessarily have ideal sound quality.

  1. Numb – Portishead [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  2. Neon – John Mayer [suggested by Margaret Dalgarno]
  3. Blue – Joni Mitchell [suggested by Howie Morningstar, Trevor Thomas, Scott Garriott]
  4. Boss – Rumblers [suggested by Andy Rowan]
  5. clip: Brun – Wolfert Brederode Quartet  [suggested by John Seligman]
  6. Smut – Tom Lehrer [suggested by David Copelin]
  7. Gone – Ryan Montbleau Band
  8. Rain – Lindsay Mac [suggested by John Seligman]
  9. Isis (live Rolling Thunder 1975 version) – Bob Dylan [suggested by Mark Mezadourian, Scott Garriott]
  10. clip: Acne (live) – Bob Dylan [suggested by Scott Ferguson]
  11. Howl – Florence + the Machine [suggested by Trevor Thomas, Ross Bowling]
  12. Rush – Big Audio Dynamite [suggested by Mark Mezadourian, Greg Ingber]
  13. Jump (Van Halen cover) – Mary Lou Lord [suggested by Lynn Gates]
  14. Help – The Beatles [suggested by Lynn Gates, Scott Garriott, Kate Ferrara, Kim Keller, Michael Byers]
  15. clip: Jump (Van Halen cover) – Paul Anka
  16. Liar – Built to Spill [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  17. Cain – Patty Griffin [suggested by John Seligman]
  18. Maze – Phish [suggested by Ben]
  19. Free – Graffiti6 [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  20. Frug – Rilo Kiley
  21. Free – Zac Brown Band [suggested by Crystal Hannan]
  22. Furr – Blitzen Trapper
  23. Shit – Kat Eggleston
  24. Tame – Pixies [suggested by Scott Garriott]
  25. Awoo – The Hidden Cameras [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  26. Rise – Eddie Vedder [suggested by Mark Mezadourian]
  27. Eden – Hooverphonic [suggested by Greg Ingber, Ross Bowling]
  28. Snow – Red Hot Chili Peppers [suggested by Lynn Gates]
  29. Eden – Emily Haines
  30. Days – Sambassadeur [suggested by Greg Ingber]
  31. Four – Anita O’Day

Originally aired on KSKQ on April 27, 2012. Select the play button below to listen to the recorded show. (If the link isn’t visible, click on the show title at the top to refresh the page.)

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