David Byrne’s Picks

(aired 11/4/11)


David Byrne has always been an inspiration to me, since my early kid days when I was bopping out to Talking Heads tunes. Over the years this talented musician has been involved in a range of creative projects. Since 2005 he has offered a recorded radio feed of diverse music on his website, www.DavidByrne.com, with a new focused theme each month. In listening, I’ve gotten exposed to a wide range of different styles and artists I wouldn’t have necessarily appreciated otherwise.

This Maya’s Mix show highlights songs from David Byrne’s playlists over the last 7 years. Click here to visit his archive pages for the full playlists and more information.

  1. clip: Loco de Amor – David Byrne
  2. Vibrate – Rufus Wainwright (April 2005)
  3. Do Not as I Do – Hanne Hukkelberg (Feb. 2006: Eclectic Pop: Hooks + Melody)
  4. Sock It 2 Me – Missy Elliott (Oct. 2005: Missy Elliott)
  5. Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key – Billy Bragg & Wilco (May 2005)
  6. clip: Criss Cross – Thelonious Monk (May 2005)
  7. Interview clip with David Byrne – reflections on today’s music
  8. Who Knows Who Cares – Local Natives (July 2010: Summer Antipodes)
  9. Guess Things Happen That Way – Johnny Cash (Dec. 2005: Rednecks, Racists and Reactionaries: Country Classics)
  10. Um “Oh!” e Um “Ah!” – Tom Zé (April 2007: Vox Humans)
  11. Hatha Ana – Adam (June 2008: Arabia)
  12. High Low Middle – My Brightest Diamond (Nov. 2011: Halloween Mishmash)
  13. clip: Gardermoen – Julia Kent (Aug. 2010: Space Is the Place)
  14. Interview clip with David Byrne about the global music network
  15. Currito Ta Ta Ta – Kiko Veneno (June 2010: Flamenco)
  16. Ode to Divorce – Regina Spektor (May 2005)
  17. Iko, Iko – The Dixie Cups (Dec. 2010: Rock and Roll)
  18. Electric Feel – MGMT (Dec. 2008: Arty Party)
  19. Group Transport Hall – Women (Nov. 2008: Who’s Out there?)
  20. clip: Ahdim Olsun – Sezen Aksu (April 2008: Turkish Pop)
  21. Sex Karma – Of Montreal (Feb. 2011: From the Edges)
  22. Fireflies – Owl City (Dec. 2009: Full Disclosure)
  23. My Rock – Swan Silvertones (March 2009: The Ides of March — Old School Gospel)
  24. Weed Jam – Deradoorian (June 2010: Watching Music)
  25. clip: Alone in a Hotel – Mugison (July 2007: Iceland – Beyond Bjork)
  26. Interview clip with David Byrne from 1996: what is Latin Rock?
  27. La Negra – La Santa Cecilia (March 2011: Latin Rock III)
  28. A Cold Freezin Night – The Books (Sept. 2010: Back to School)
  29. Snow Angel – Ron Sexsmith  (Nov. 2008: Who’s Out there?)
  30. Love Is a Stranger (Eurythmics cover) – Martha Wainwright (Sept. 2008: Eccentric Pop)
  31. clip: Ellen’s Theme – Shark Quest (July 2009: Merged)
  32. Rain Dance ft. M.I.A. – The Very Best (June 2011: Now and Then Folks Want to Hear Some African Grooves)
  33. show ID by Eric Navickas
  34. Yes, So On and So On – Thao with The Get Down Stay Down (Sept. 2008: Eccentric Pop)
  35. Second Song – TV on the Radio (Oct. 2011: Summer Harvest)
  36. One Note Samba – Herbie Mann & Gilberto Joao & Antonio Carlos Jobim (Oct. 2008: The Anniversary of the Bossa Nova)
  37. Don’t Play No Andrews Sisters – Baby Gramps (March 2010: Eccentrics)
  38. Sarah – Bat for Lashes (July 2008: Avant-Pop)
  39. Toe Jam – The BPA ft. David Byrne (May 2009: Collaborations)

Originally aired on KSKQ on November 4, 2011. Select the play button below to listen to the recorded show. (If the link isn’t visible, click on the show title at the top to refresh the page.)

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