(aired 4/29/11)


Not only was today’s theme suggested by Steve Weyer, but he also supplied an extensive list specific song suggestions. Recently teaching a class at OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) focused specifically on crosswords, Steve has had the opportunity to explore the history of this subject in the musical arena. You can learn more about the songs on his website on the history, milestones and music page.

Steve and I had a chance to sit down and discuss the range of interesting issues related to this subject. I recorded the talk and used a good number of the clips for this Maya’s Mix show. After hearing today’s show, I bet you’ll feel inspired to sit down and have some fun with a puzzle!

“As human beings, we have a natural compulsion to fill empty spaces,” according to Will Shortz. Now you can fill your space with the sound of these great tunes…

  1. Clip: Crossword – Jethro Tull
    Steve: Initial inspiration for collection
    (background music: Crossword by Crossover Jazz Trio & Tino Tracanna)
  2. Crossword – Helen Slater
  3. Puzzled by People – Streets
    Steve: Significance of crossword puzzle lyrics
    (background music: Mozartian Crossword by Jiří Teml)
  4. Recited lyrics of Crossword Mama, You Puzzle Me – Will Shortz on WNYC, New York Public Radio
  5. Crossword Mama, You Puzzle Me (But Papa’s Gonna Figure You Out) – Unknown, original 1924 recording
    Steve: Other songs in history
  6. Crossword Puzzle – Dana
  7. Crossword – Deckchair Orange
    Steve: Quotes about crosswords
    (background: Crossword by Noro)
  8. Train Of Thought – A-Ha
    Steve: Intro to Mandrell and Strait songs
  9. Crossword Puzzle – Barbara Mandrell
  10. Four Down And Twelve Across – George Strait
  11. Crosswords – Split Enz
    Steve: “Starting Here, Starting Now” musical introduction
  12. Crossword Puzzle – Claire Karpen
  13. Happy at Last – Josh Joplin Group
  14. Little Bird – Imogen Heap
    Steve: Intro to film clip
  15. Interview with Indigo Girls from Wordplay
  16. (Can I) Find The Right Words To Say – Blondie
    Steve: Intro to Sia song
  17. Academia – Sia
    Steve: Connection between music and crosswords
  18. Monday’s Crossword – Drew Citron
  19. Crossword Puzzle – Sly & the Family Stone
    Steve: Intro to Mon-Sun clips
  20. Monday-Sunday Crosswords – John Schnall
  21. Mariella – Kate Nash
  22. Clip: Crossword Blues – Rob Tognoni
    Steve: Final reflections
  23. Every Word – Gary Louris

Originally aired on KSKQ on April 29, 2011. Select the play button below to listen to the recorded show. (If the link isn’t visible, click on the show title at the top to refresh the page.)

One Response to “Crosswords”

  • Steve Weyer Says:

    hi Maya,
    I think the song selection & sequence was great, along w/ your editing of our interview (in my slightly biased opinion). I’ve told my Medford & Ashland students about it. thanks again for your time & dedication.