Best Songs of 2010

(aired 1/7/11)

Part 1 of 2

What were your favorites songs from last year? Now that we’ve lived through the glories of 2010, it’s time to reflect on our top picks from the music released during those 12 months. Today’s playlist is based on a number of sources: Rolling Stone magazine’s top 50 songs, NPR Music’s best new music choices and list of 2010 recommendations, People magazine’s music choices of 2010, JPR‘s Jefferson Monthly, the Spin list of 20 Best Songs of 2010, Pretty Much Amazing’s top year picks, Said the Gramaphone’s Best Songs of 2010, Paste Magazine‘s list of picks, and most importantly, your suggestions.

It was so hard for me to narrow it down to one show’s worth of music that I decided to continue this exploration. Next week’s show will be a Part 2 episode of other top faves from 2010. Feel free to let me know if you have any requests for me to add to the playlist; email or visit the Maya’s Mix Facebook page to give your suggestion.

Here’s the first round of top picks from 2010:

  1. clip: Tightrope (ft. Big Boi) – Janelle Monáe
  2. Cold War – Janelle Monae [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  3. She – Black Crowes [suggested by Anna Wild]
  4. Forget You (radio version) – Cee Lo Green
  5. Say Ladeo – Bobby Mcferrin
  6. In the Sun – She & Him [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  7. Black Sheep – Metric [suggested by Monika Ramirez]
  8. A Girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard – Jeremy Messersmith
  9. clip: Ave Maria : Ave Maria – Stile Antico
  10. Soldier Of Love – Sade
  11. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz [suggested by David Rood]
  12. We Hate Money (radio version) – Spose [suggested by Rachel Davis]
  13. clip: Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
  14. Hey, Soul Sister – Train [artist suggested by Wendy Daniel]
  15. Not Afraid (radio version) – Eminem [suggested by Toni Dileo]
  16. clip: Pray For Rain – Massive Attack
  17. Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine [suggested by Mark Mezadourian]
  18. The Ghost Inside – Broken Bells
  19. Go Do – Jonsi
  20. Good Intentions Paving Company – Joanna Newsom
  21. clip: Runaway – Secret Cello Society
  22. Runaway (radio version) – Kanye West [suggested by Travis Ogden]

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