Feb 25 2011

The Letter M

(aired 2/25/11)

the letter M

Mangoes, melodies, mittens, magnolia, moustaches, making merriment. Mamma mia, this letter is magnetic! Today’s show topic was chosen rather last-minute, so I didn’t get the pleasure of collecting your song suggestions. Perhaps I should do a part 2 sometime in the future?

After I chose this theme for the letter “M,” I realized by total chance, it was almost exactly one year ago that I did a similar show — for the letter “F” — broadcast February 19, 2010. What a fabulously funny coincidence! Or maybe I should say that it’s a magical miracle.

There was an unexpected power outage in the studio halfway through the show, making the whole computer/broadcasting system go down for a few minutes. Luckily we were able to go back on the air, and the system still saved my recording of the segment. So I just spliced together the two pieces into one (below).

May you make marvelous merriment out of today’s music…

  1. clip: Ma Ya – Habib Koité & Bamada
  2. Maggie And Milly And Molly And May – Natalie Merchant
  3. Mean Mr. Mustard – The Beatles
  4. Melvin the Moving Man
  5. Make It Mine – Jason Mraz
  6. Medicine Man – Bobby McFerrin
  7. The Letter M
  8. Morning Morgantown – Joni Mitchell
  9. Mighty Mouse – Sixteen Feet
  10. How to write the letter M
  11. My Moon My Man – Feist
  12. Metaphysical – Miho Hatori
  13. background clip: Makeda – Les Nubians
  14. Make Believe Mambo – David Byrne
  15. Letter M – Cookie Monster
  16. The Mall & Misery – Broken Bells
  17. Meanest Man In Town – Rose & The Maddox Brothers
  18. Marathon – Tennis
  19. The Letter M – on Sesame Street
  20. clip: Move Move Move – Pele Juju
  21. More and More of Your Amour (Ft. Bitter:sweet) – Nat King Cole
  22. Meet Mr. M
  23. Me and The Major – Belle & Sebastian
  24. A Matter Of Minutes – Shawn Colvin
  25. background: Miopia – Lali Puna
  26. Mediate – INXS
  27. Midnight Moonlight – The Be Good Tanyas
  28. Middle Man – Jack Johnson
  29. Me – Paula Cole
  30. The Sublime Miss M

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Feb 11 2011

Oscars for Best Original Song

(aired 2/11/11)

Every film is enhanced with a score and a soundtrack. Whether or not the film has released a single for commercial purposes, music goes hand in hand with film. The 83rd Academy Awards will be at the end of this month on Sunday, February 27th. In celebration, we are reflecting on the history of winners in the category of Best Original Song, going in chronological order from the first year this award was given (1934) to the latest nominees for 2010.

Back in April of last year I featured Movie Soundtracks as a show theme. Now I think it’s an interesting study to see which songs in films have been honored with Academy awards over the years. Do the winners (and nominees) match what you’d judge as the top picks? To see a full list of the history of winners, as well as more information about this category, visit this page on Wikipedia.

Note: During this show I predicted that “Coming Home” from the Country Song movie would be the winner for this year’s awards. I’ve now shifted positions, and I think (hope) that A.R. Rahman’s “If I Rise” will get the Oscar. We’ll see!

  1. (1934) The Continental — Movie: The Gay Divorcee. Performed by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
  2. clip: (1936) The Way You Look Tonight — Movie: Swing Time. Performed by Frank Sinatra
  3. clip: (1939) Over the Rainbow — Movie: The Wizard of Oz. Performed by Judy Garland
  4. clip: (1940) When You Wish upon a Star — Movie: Pinocchio. Performed by Cliff Edwards
  5. (1946) On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe — Movie: The Harvey Girls. Performed by Judy Garland [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  6. (1948) Buttons and Bows — Movie: The Paleface. Performed by Dinah Shore
  7. (1956) Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Qué Será, Será) — Movie: The Man Who Knew Too Much. Performed by Doris Day and James Stewart [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  8. clip: (1958) Gigi — Movie: Gigi. Performed by Louis Jordan
  9. (1961) Moon River — Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Performed by Frank Sinatra [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  10. (1969) Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head — Movie: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Performed by B.J. Thomas [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  11. clip: (1964) Chim Chim Cher-ee — Movie: Mary Poppins. Performed by Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews
  12. (1970) For All We Know — Movie: Lovers and Other Strangers. Performed by The Carpenters [suggested by Julaine Morley]
  13. (1971) Theme from Shaft — Movie: Shaft. Performed by Isaac Hayes [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  14. (1979 nominee) The Rainbow Connection — Movie: The Muppet Movie. Performed by Kermit the Frog (Jim Hensen) [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  15. clip: (1983) Flashdance… What a Feeling — Movie: Flashdance. Performed by Irene Cara
  16. clip: (1980) Fame — Movie: Fame. Performed by Irene Cara
  17. (1984) I Just Called to Say I Love You — Movie: The Woman in Red. Performed by Stevie Wonder [suggested by Ray Morley]
  18. (1985 nominee) The Power of Love — Movie: Back to the Future. Performed by Huey Lewis and the News [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  19. (1993) Streets of Philadelphia — Movie: Philadelphia. Performed by Bruce Springsteen [suggested by Ray Morley]
  20. clip: (1992) A Whole New World — Movie: Aladdin. Performed by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga
  21. clip: (1994) Can You Feel the Love Tonight — Movie: The Lion King. Performed by Elton John
  22. clip: (1996) You Must Love Me — Movie: Evita. Performed by Madonna.
  23. (1999 nominee) Save Me — Movie: Magnolia. Performed by Aimee Mann
  24. clip: (2002) Lose Yourself — Movie: 8 Mile. Performed by Eminem
  25. clip: (2004) Al otro lado del río — Movie: The Motorcycle Diaries. Performed by Jorge Drexler
  26. (2005) It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp — Movie: Hustle & Flow. Performed by Three 6 Mafia
  27. (2007) Falling Slowly — Movie: Once. Performed by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
  28. clip: (2009) The Weary Kind — Movie: Crazy Heart. Performed by Ryan Bingham
  29. clip: (2008) Jai Ho — Movie: Slumdog Millionaire. Performed by A. R. Rahman, feat. Sukhvinder Singh, Tanvi Shah & Mahalaxmi Iyer
  30. (2010 nominee) I See the Light — Movie: Tangled. Performed by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi
  31. (2010 nominee) If I Rise — Movie: 127 Hours. Performed by Dido & A.R. Rahman
  32. (2010 nominee) We Belong Together — Movie: Toy Story 3. Performed by Randy Newman
  33. (2010 nominee) Coming Home — Movie: Country Strong. Performed by Gwyneth Paltrow

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Feb 4 2011

Nursery Rhymes & Kid Songs

(aired 2/4/11)

kid rockers

You remember the rhyme songs that you sang when you were a little kid, right? We all learned a number of the same ditties. These classics have also been sung by a diverse range of musical artists over time, as they’ve tweaked them with their own cool styles. Derek Keevil gave me the idea to feature this theme for a Maya’s Mix show.

Today we have the chance to rock out to the rhymes that got stuck in your head while in nursery school — in a totally new way. (Note: while most of the show would be enjoyable for kids to hear, there are some songs that are geared toward grown-up ears.) Let’s rock-a-bye baby together!

  1. London Bridge Is Falling Down – Count Basie [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  2. Green Eggs and Ham – Moxy Fruvous [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  3. Incy Wincy Spider (Indian version)
  4. It’s Raining – Peter, Paul & Mary [suggested by Will Jones]
  5. Cookie as Big as My Head – Lunch Money [suggested by Rusty Drake]
  6. clip: Proud to Be a Beaver – Banana Slug String Band [artist suggested by Alison Young]
  7. Dirt Made My Lunch – Banana Slug String Band [artist suggested by Alison Young]
  8. One, Two, Button Your Shoe – Billie Holiday [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  9. Stretching dialogue – Grover & Maya on Sesame Street
  10. It’s Midnight Cinderella – Garth Brooks [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  11. Mary Had a Little Lamb – Li’l Miss Rap Supreme
  12. Shoots and Ladders – Korn [suggested by Monika Ramirez]
  13. background: Ol’ MacDonald – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  14. Old MacDonald zulu style – Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  15. Baby Mine – Alison Krauss [suggested by Elisa Vick]
  16. Jack and Jill – Rockwell Church [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  17. Hard Knock Life – Jay Z [suggested by Anjali Altman]
  18. background: Coconut – Harry Nilsson [suggested by Howie Morningstar]
  19. Bye-Hi-My-Die-Fly-Cry-Try-Dry-Why Baby medley – various artists, mixed by Maya
  20. An Old Fashioned Picture Book – Donovan Leitch [suggested by Thomas Milsom]
  21. Dat Dere – Ricki Lee Jones [suggested by Ko Kuwabara]
  22. Humpty Dump – Breakestra [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  23. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (The Magic Song) – Bobby McFerrin [suggested by Elisa Vick]
  24. 3 Little Pigs – Green Jelly [suggested by Abbas Ebrahim, Derek Keevil]
  25. The Name Game – Shirley Ellis
  26. Humpty Dumpty – Li’l Miss Rap
  27. Itsy Bitsy Spider – Carly Simon [suggested by Elisa Vick]
  28. M is for Mouth – Sesame Street
  29. background: A Child’s Christmas in Wales – John Cale [suggested by Thomas Milsom]
  30. Nursery Rhyme Of Innocence And Experience – Natalie Merchant [album suggested by Mark Mezadourian]

Originally aired on KSKQ on February 4, 2011. Select the play button below to listen to the recorded show. (If the link isn’t visible, click on the show title at the top to refresh the page.)