Sep 25 2009


fire On Monday morning of this week I noticed large billows of smoke in the sky. The weather here in Ashland, Oregon was very dry, hot and windy that day. Unfortunately a fire had erupted on the south side of town, growing into a challenging blaze that has taken all week to fully contain. Here’s an article about the fire. You can also see a video of the fire online. The same day another intense fire broke out in our neighboring town of Medford, causing temporary evacuation of more than 100 homes.

Inspired by these local events, Ashland-native Derek Keevil gave me a list of songs on the subject, suggesting I use fire as the theme for a show. Since there is a wide range of relevant music, I followed the spontaneous idea, getting more song suggestions from other people. I had the chance to feature a long playlist, going for more than an hour and a half.

Today’s show is dedicated to the local firefighters and the people who’ve been affected by Ashland and Medford’s fires. Despite these unfortunate events, we can now still honor the hot delights of these blazin’ songs!

  1. Light My Fire – Pearl Jam [suggested by Mark Mezadourian – for The Doors version]
  2. It’s a Fire – Portishead [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  3. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – Thelonious Monk [suggested by Laurie Olsen and Derek Keevil]
  4. Roof Is On Fire – Beat-Boy [general song suggested by Rachel Davis]
  5. Beat (Health, Life And Fire) – Portland Cello Project [suggested by Papa Juan]
  6. Yell Fire! – Michael Franti and Spearhead [suggested by Rob Brooks]
  7. Night Of The Dancing Flame – Roisin Murphy
  8. Burning Down The House – Talking Heads [suggested by Ariel Hayes]
  9. I’m On Fire – Bruce Springsteen [suggested by Carrie Bader and Derek]
  10. Smoke Detector – Rilo Kiley [suggested by Derek]
  11. Cinder and Smoke – Iron & Wine [suggested by Derek]
  12. Fire – Jimi Hendrix [suggested by Mark Mezadourian, Anjali Altman and Derek]
  13. Fire and Rain – Dido [suggested by Casey Cohn Mack – for the James Taylor version]
  14. Non-Fiction Burning – PM Dawn With Flora Purim & Airto (from the Red Hot & Rio album)
  15. Fire – Arthur Brown [suggested by Joshua Geesaman]
  16. This House Is On Fire – Natalie Merchant [suggested by Stuart Finkel]
  17. Smoke & Mirrors – RJD2
  18. We Didn’t Start The Fire – Billy Joel
  19. On Fire – Sebadoh [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  20. Dig For Fire – The Pixies [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  21. Fire Door – Ani DiFranco
  22. Rattle And Burn – Jesse Cook
  23. Dreams On Fire – A.R. Rahman
  24. Eternal Flame – Bangles
  25. Your Fire Your Soul – Dar Williams
  26. Hell, Fire And Damnation – Jocelyn Pook
  27. Kiss of Fire – Louis Armstrong
  28. Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash [song suggested by Mark Mezadourian and Ed Keller]

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Sep 18 2009


questions Do you like hearing new music? Do thought-provoking lyrics sometimes make you ask yourself questions? Can music be a mode of inquisitive exploration? Can you guess the theme of this week’s show? Yes, the topic is questions! All the featured songs have names that are in the form of questions (even if not all of them use an actual question mark in the title). Thank you to everyone for the great ideas. I was able to have extra time today, with the show lasting more than an hour and a half. Are you ready to hear some awesome tunes?

  1. How Can I Love You If You Won’t Lie Down – Silver Jews [suggested by Deborah Stein]
  2. Are You Gonna Go My Way – Lenny Kravitz [suggested by Krista Kuhlman]
  3. Ever Fallen In Love – Nouvelle Vague [suggested by Sarah Kowolski – for Buzzcocks version]
  4. Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? – The Beatles [suggested Derek Keevil]
  5. Where Did My Summer Go? – Baskervilles [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  6. Où vont les fleurs? (Where have all the flowers gone?) – Eva [suggested by Anjali Altman and Michaela DeSoucey – for Pete Seeger version]
  7. Why Does It Always Rain on Me? – Travis [suggested by Jessica Mongolo]
  8. Why Do Fools Fall In Love – Joni Mitchell [general song suggested by David Rood]
  9. Who Walks In When I Walk Out? – Hazmat Modine
  10. Did I Fool Ya? – Jason Mraz
  11. Should I Stay Or Should I Go? – The Clash [suggested by Ariel Hays]
  12. Where Do The Children Play? – Cat Stevens [suggested by Lia McKinney]
  13. What Can I Do? – Antony and the Johnsons [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  14. Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley & The Wailers [suggested by Emily Westerman]
  15. How Did You Know? – Willy Porter
  16. What Are Their Names – David Crosby [suggested by Stuart Finkel and Julaine Morley]
  17. Why? – Tracy Chapman
  18. Where Did My Baby Go – John Legend
  19. How Do You Sleep? – John Lennon [suggested by Stuart Finkel]
  20. Would I Lie To You? – Eurythmics
  21. Where Are You Going – Dave Matthews Band
  22. Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You? – Matt Rollings and Lyle Lovett
  23. Where The Hell Is Bill? – Camper Van Beethoven
  24. How – Cranberries [suggested by Stuart Finkel]
  25. Why Don’t You Love Me? – Devon Sproule & Paul Curreri
  26. Where Is Maria? – Greg Brown
  27. What Is Love – Haddaway [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  28. What Is Love? – Deee-Lite

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Sep 11 2009


jobs In celebration of this week’s Labor Day, this show’s songs are all about jobs. With unemployment rates at all-time highs in this recession, we can have special appreciation for the many forms of labor — from the chain gang to the presidential office — and everything in-between. Thanks to everyone for contributing your ideas. Now let’s get working!

  1. Dear Catastrophe Waitress – Belle & Sebastian
  2. Chain Gang – Otis Redding [general song suggested by Darci Danielson]
  3. Opera Singer – Cake [suggested by Dan Kraut]
  4. Not The Doctor – Alanis Morissette [suggested by Carrie Bader]
  5. Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man) – Randy Newman [suggested by Susan Ware and Stuart Finkel]
  6. Ghostwriter – RJD2 [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  7. 9 to 5 – Dolly Parton [general song suggested by Darci Danielson, Christi Wruck, Jamie Alexander]
  8. Rodeo Clowns – Jack Johnson
  9. Hot For Teacher – Richard Cheese [suggested by Maggie Rainbow for Van Halen version]
  10. The Maid Needs A Maid – Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
  11. Minimum Wage – They Might Be Giants [suggested by Susan Ware and Derek Keevil]
  12. Mr. Ambulance Driver – The Flaming Lips [suggested by Christi Wruck]
  13. Dentist – Steve Martin
  14. The Salesman (Tramp Life) – White Rabbits [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  15. The Artist – Sara Bareilles
  16. The Scientist – Coldplay
  17. The House Carpenter – Kelly Joe Phelps [suggested by Christi Wruck]
  18. Lumberjack Song – Monty Python [suggested by Ania Erdogan]
  19. Office Cowboy – David Byrne
  20. Just A Gigalo, I Ain’t Got Nobody – David Lee Roth [song suggested by Michael Barth]
  21. Actor Out Of Work – St. Vincent [suggested by Ross Bowling]
  22. Working In A Coal Mine – Harry Connick Jr. [general song suggested by Thomas Milsom and Jayne & Ian]

Unfortunately I had a technical difficulty and wasn’t able to play the last set I had planned (instead ending with a random choice of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Rain” as I tried to fix my ipod). To at least acknowledge the addition five songs I’d hoped to play, they were:

  • Work Hard Play Hard – Bonnie Prince Billy [suggested by Sarah Kowolski]
  • I Shot The Sheriff – Bob Marley [suggested by Jessica McFarland Walton]
  • Heavy Metal Drummer – Wilco [suggested by Mark Mezadourian]
  • The People In Your Neighborhood – Sesame Street [suggested by Derek Keevil]
  • Take This Job And Shove It – David Allan Coe [suggested by Anjali Altman and Jayne & Ian]

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Sep 4 2009


Geography Part 2: Cities & Towns in the U.S.A.

citiesAfter focusing on states two weeks ago, I decided to do my second installment of the geography theme. This time I honed in on songs that use city/town references in the titles and lyrics — specifically those located in our own country. I had enough songs worth playing that I was able to go beyond my normal 1-hour time allotment, extending the show an extra 15 minutes or so. Sometime in the near future we’ll get to explore Part III of this topic, which will be international locations. (So please email me at if you have any ideas.) Now let’s travel together through a full map of cities and towns!

  1. Brackett, Wi – Bon Iver
  2. Shasta (Carrie’s Song) – Vienna Teng [suggested by John Seligman]
  3. New York, New York – Frank Sinatra [suggested by Mr. Russ Otte]
  4. New York New York – Snoop Dogg
  5. Chicago – Sufjan Stevens [suggested by Mark Mezadourian and Sarah Kowalski]
  6. Twilight in Boston – Jonathan Richman [suggested by Claire Robbins]
  7. Tupelo Honey – Cassandra Wilson [suggested by Jessica McFarland Walton (for Van Morrison version) and Toni Dileo]
  8. Coney Island, USA – Amy Correia [artist suggested by Carrie Bader, for “Chinatown” song]
  9. Omaha – Counting Crows [suggested by Jessica Mongolo & Krista Kuhlman]
  10. Come Back From San Francisco – The Magnetic Field
  11. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans – Louis Armstrong [suggested by Michael Barth]
  12. Anchorage (Unplugged) – Michelle Shocked [suggested by Nikki Thommen Bingham]
  13. China Grove – The Doobie Brothers [suggested by Ben Hudson]
  14. I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City – Sinéad O’Connor [suggested by Stuart Finkel]
  15. Twin Falls – Built to Spill [suggested by Sarah Kowalski]
  16. Hollywood – Kasey Chambers [suggested by John Seligman]
  17. Cape Canaveral – Conor Oberst
  18. Graceland – Paul Simon
  19. I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash [suggested by Derek Keevil]

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