KSKQ is a 501c(3) non-profit, non-commercial educational community radio station. The majority of our funding comes from financial contributions by the local business community and KSKQ's listeners.

When your organization or business underwrites KSKQ programming, you help support an important community resource and cultural asset while providing your business with a unique marketing tool at the same time.

Benefits of Underwriting with KSKQ

KSKQ radio underwriting can reach your target audience with efficiency and affordability. We will mention your service or product during our highly popular Drive Time slots for merely $6.57 per day.  KSKQ airs award winning news shows through KPFA in Berkeley. We have Democracy Now in the morning and Flashpoints in the evening.  We also air two hours of high quality local shows during this time that feature local news, interviews, and great music. We can place your underwriting into other specific shows that speak directly to your target audience. For example if you are a winery, we have two locally produced shows that speak directly to the local wine connoisseur. 

Underwriting through KSKQ will also help your organization to do greater good in the community. We will increase your networking and outreach through the spoken spots on the radio as well as with your logo link on our underwriter section of our website. Underwriting with KSKQ is a win-win situation where we help your organization thrive for the sake of a healthy local economy and your support of KSKQ aids the cause of free speech, independent media, and cultural diversity right here in the Rogue Valley.

Basic Underwriting

Basic Underwriting offers two readings per day for your business or organization. There will be one prerecorded reading that plays through the automated system and there will be one live reading per day by one of our local volunteer programmers. Our Underwriting department will work with your organization to craft a moving, concise statement that sums up the merits of your organization and its benefits to our community. 

You will also have a “button” on our website that will link to your website to make it convenient for people of the KSKQ community to connect with your organization.

The cost of Basic Underwriting is $300 per quarter or $1000 for the year ( for a $200 savings ). For an additional $150 per quarter you can also underwrite a particular show to connect you with your ideal audience. 

How do I become a Underwriter?

Call (541-482-3999) or email the KSKQ Underwriting Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your favorite KSKQ Broadcaster, or drop by the station. Then, just complete the UNDERWRITING AGREEMENT, attach your check and mail or deliver it to:

KSKQ Community Radio
PO Box 67
Medford, OR 97501.

Please allow 14 days for KSKQ to process your underwriting agreement and get your announcement on-air. Underwriting on-air announcements may be updated monthly on the first of each month. We will send you a renewal reminder so your underwriting spots will continue without interruption.

For additional exposure, ask about KSKQ’s one opportunity for traditional advertising messages—without FCC wording restrictions—on our internet stream.

Your support helps to make our community stronger!