KSKQ Schedule

Effective April 4, 2020




6-9am Siskiyou Classical
9-11am Bluegrass Brunch with Phil
Folk Espresso with Frances, Jeff, Myra and Michael
1-2pm First Voices (weekly Native American show)
2-3pm Here and Now with Ram Dass
3-4pm Philosophy Talk (more)
4-5pm Big Picture Science (more)
5-5:30 pm This Way Out (more)
5:30 - 6pm Building Bridges (more)
6-8pm Church of Rock with Derek and Tracy (more)
8-9pm Old Time Radio
9-11pm Sunday Night Jazz with Richard Spencer and Tommy Lee
11-6am Late Night Funk R&B Playlist



6-6:30am This Way Out (more)
6:30-7am Shortwave Radio
7-8am Democracy Now! (more)
8-10am KSKQ Morning Show with Leo and Lisa
10-11am Law and Disorder (more)
11-12pm Alternative Radio (more)
12–1pm Democracy Now! (more)
1-3pm La Hora Latina con Leo
3-5pm Wild West Reggae with Markos
5-6pm Flashpoints Radio with Dennis Bernstein
6-7pm Dream Infringement (more)
7-9pm World Music Journey with guest hosts
9-10pm World Remix with DJ Jahfirm (more)
10-12pm Backpack Boombox with David Downey
12-6am Electronica Playlist


6-7am Law and Disorder (more)
7-8am Democracy Now! (more)
8-9am KSKQ Morning Show with Dave and Paula
9-10am Project Censored
10-11am Farm Talk – Dave Munson (more)
11-12pm We the People – Jason Houk (more)
12–1pm Democracy Now! (more)
1-3pm Crate Expectations with Nick Addison
3-5pm Soul Shine Radio - DJ Star Light
5-6pm Flashpoints Radio with Dennis Bernstein (from Pacifica)
6-7pm Grateful Dead Hour with David Gans (more)
7-9pm Carry It On – Jeff Westergaard (more)
9-11pm Anything Goes (late night!) with Michael Clare
11-12am Bob Canape Archive
12-6am Late Night Hipster Playlist


6-7am Project Censored
7-8am Democracy Now! (more)
8-9am What’s Up Wednesdays w/Jason
9-10am Brain Labor Report with Wes Brain (more)
10-10:30am On Contact with Chris Hedges (more)
10:30-11am Economic Update with Richard Wolff
11-11:30pm (1st week) Toasted Sister
(2nd week) Oregon Rural Organizing Project
(3rd week) Toasted Sister
(4th week) Toasted Sister
(5th week) Toasted Sister
11:30- 12pm Wings
12–1pm Democracy Now! (more)
1-3pm Never On The Radio with el Maestro
3-5pm Taste of Consciousness with Selecta' A.D. (more)
5-6pm Flashpoints Radio with Dennis Bernstein (from Pacifica)
6-7pm Signals In The Wind with DJ Coaster (more)
7-9pm The 5ive with Belico
9-11pm Bee Bop Jazz with Tommy Lee
11-6am Late Night Jazz


6-7am Alternative Radio (more)
7-8am Democracy Now! (more)
8-10am The Morning Show with Jim Reeder
10-11pm Life Matters with Renee Miereanu
11-12pm The Ralph Nader Hour
12–1pm Democracy Now! (more)
1-1:30pm Shortwave Radio
1-30-2pm Sprouts
2-3pm Rebirthing a New Reality with Stara
3-5pm A-Dub Radio with Anna Wild (more)
5-6pm Flashpoints Radio with Dennis Bernstein
6-7pm TK’s Tracks with Tom Pratum (more)
7-9pm Soundwaves with Robert Hantzsche
9-11pm Metal Mix Tape with DJ Ramo (more)
11-6am Late Night Rockin’ Playlist


6-7am Peace Talks (more)
7-8am Democracy Now! (more)
8-10am KSKQ Morning Show with Holly Adams
10-11am Radio Ecoshock (more)
11-12pm Peace Talks (more)
12–1pm Democracy Now! (more)

(1st week) Age of Adventure (more)
(2nd week) Animal Matters (more)
(3rd week) Community Health Matters with Karen M
(4th week) Surprise!
(5th week) Rural Oregon

2-3pm First Nations with Dan Wahpepah
3-5pm Latitude 42 with Carson and Tracy (more)
5-6pm Flashpoints Radio with Dennis Bernstein
6-7pm Pacifica Evening News
7-9pm HiTek Soul with Leo Anfiowose
9-11pm Reggae Dub with DJ Rob
11-6am Late Night Reggae


6-7am Radio Ecoshock (more)
7-9am Morning Freeform Music and a Cherokee Woman’s Views with Sallie
9-9:30am Meditative Music
9:30-10am Really Being With You with Moshe
10-12pm Back to the Past with Brook
12-1pm The Latin Alternative (more)
1-3pm Siskiyou Frontera with Guest Hosts
3-5pm Soul Saturday
5-6pm Sixties Rock n Roll
6-8pm Anything Goes with Michael Clare
8-11pm Better off with the Blues with Tommy Lee
11-1am Realm of Bass with DJ Bale
1-6am Late Night Blues Playlist