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Episode 13

VS. The Earth :

They are headed back to the studio with a new line-up of rock veterans. The band has already accomplished financial success as one of rock n' roll's highest paid, but unsigned, touring bands. Now, the band is headed to Tommy Lee's (Motley Crue) studio, The Atrium, in Los Angeles, but first they sat down with us to tell us all about the rock star life, Miss Amy Dubbed : "The First Lady of Musical Fitness" by the National Children's Entertainment Kids Rocker/Fitness Guru. A multi-nominated GRAMMY®Winning  Featured Artist, Miss Amy also serves as an Official Advocate for the President's Challenge Program encouraging families to stay physically active through her music. Honored to have performed at the White House

Egg Roll 2010 Miss Amy has performed Fitness productionsRock & Roll shows at numerous locations through 2011 and is underway with video in 2012!