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Episode Nine

Author Dr. Frank Romano:

Comes in to tell us about his new book " Love and Terror in the Middle East " and amazing story of his fulfillment of a 30 year vision to bring peace to the Middle East. This is more than just a mission it's an adventure that you'll want to be part of . So be sure to listen and get not a only some education but quite a whale of a story . You can also see our interview below on our youtube channel.

Maya's Mix Interview :

We caught up with Maya Seligman in the Blackstone Audio studio's where she gave us her review and very entertaining list of the top ten songs for the year 2011. Give this a listen see if your list is anything like hers. We sample all the songs and they are all fun and there are a few that will have you going damm those guys are good where did they come from ? So I ask you, what more could you want ? " Get Behind Me , Now Stay There "  more fun than .........