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Episode Eight

The Banana Plant :

The Grammy can't be too far off for this wonderful childrens CD Gulf Alive !!! We will all find out this Febraury 12 , when the Grammies air. In the meanime listen to their remarkable story of thier effort in educating children and all of us in saving the gulf and remember there are no Walurs in the Gulf ! Give it a listen hear the great music and enjoy these two are quite entertaining .

Musician Gustavo Alaro :

We caught up with Gustavo Alaro who told us quite few amazing stories about the making of his new smash album " Mundo Extrano " in english " Strange World "  Enjoy this very  fun filled interview , we had such good time chatting with Gustavo so lend us your ear and get in on the fun. See Gustavo Alaro's new video " Esperando " below flimed in Northern Italy. So I ask you, what more could you want ? " Get Behind Me , Now Stay There "  more fun than ........