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Episode Six

Grammy Artist  : We Govern We

Anna Karakalou lead siner of We Govern We had a chance to speak with us about their new album " Reznor's Orchid " now available on itunes and wherever fine music is sold. Her band is hails from Greece, however they now live and record in Ventura California. They are currently up for a Grammy, for record of the year.  Catch not only their interview but their new video below. Great fun this one was , so please enjoy !

Author  : John Dodds

We caught up with John Dodds in Scotland where he was on holiday. We spoke about his book " Bone Machines " and many of his other projects. Quite a humorours chap this John Dodds. This is a dream come true for all lovers of thrilling stories you don't want to miss this one. So I ask you, what more could you want ? " Get Behind Me , Now Stay There "  more fun than .........