In this broadcast of Lauren's Surprise Show, Lauren plays African American Prison Songs from The Mississippi Penitentiary . The original recording was conducted by noted musicologist/archivist John Avery Lomax (September 23, 1867-January 26, 1948) and his son Alan Lomax. This program originally broadcast June 20, 2011 on KSKQ 94.9 LP/FM in Ashland, Oregon - streamed at

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The Murderer's Home

No More, My Lord

Old Alabama

Black Woman

Jumpin' Judy

Whoa Buck

Prettiest Train

Old Dollar Mamie

It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad


Levee Camp Hollar

What Makes A Work Song Leader?

Early In The Mornin'

How I Got In The Penitentiary

Tangle Eye Blues


Prison Blues