Kids radio club Kids Radio Club, a partnership between KSKQ and Kids Unlimited, offers young people a chance to make real radio. Teaching core values such as teamwork and self-expression are at the heart of the program. Kids get hands on experience with studio equipment. The Radio Club is an after-school program which works with 4th and 5th grade students at Washington Elementary in Medford.

Kids radio clubDuring a one-hour session on Wednesdays, staff and volunteers work with students, introducing them to radio concepts, proper studio etiquette and interview skills. Part of the lesson is to explore media and learn about the powerful influence of media in our lives. The students participated in a scavenger hunt for examples of media within their school. We walk around the school and students count the number and types of media and identify commercial advertising and non-commercial messages. The goal is to build an awareness of the vast number of commercial and non-commercial messages we are bombarded with.

On Fridays the students travel by bus and arrive at KSKQ with more energy than a supernova. There we harness that collective energy into a live radio show. 

The first time in the studio is always tough as the kids get over the “mic fright,” but host Carson Bench rolls with it, encouraging the students to be themselves.

By the fifth week the kids act out a radio play, live on the air. "What matters is how people are on the inside," said one young Kids Radio participant, reflecting on the moral of the classic children’s story after an excited reading of the play, "the Ugly Duckling" on KSKQ.

Kids Radio ClubUsing KSKQ's Studio B, students use the sound board, microphones and recording equipment to create legal ID's and unique sounds using their own voices and effects.

The class drawKids Radio Clubs on the variety of different personalities and it’s rewarding to see young people discover that they can express themselves creatively. Boisterous kids get a wide audience and those who are a bit more reserved eventually discover their voice on the airwaves. During the "Ugly Duckling" play it was sweet to see three of our quietest students literally become swans. That is the magic of community radio.

The six-week program wrapped up the end of November. The complete archive of the live programs and audio files can be found on the website

Here are the interviews from our Kids Radio Club.

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