honors collegeThe November 2017 edition of Literary Ashland Radio is the first of two special shows. On November 18, 2017, six students in SOU's honors college read their work at the Words and Wine event at Weisingers winery. In this show, you'll get a quick introduction to the honors college followed the first three students reading from their work. They are:




  • Reilly Nycum, a sophomore in the Honors College at SOU. Originally from Sacramento, California, she is an English major with a minor in History and a passion for photography. She reads "My Old Ways."
  • Haley Eck, a Senior English major with a concentration in English education and a psychology minor. She is a transfer student from Omaha, Nebraska. She reads “Manipulation with Cake.”
  • Cole Barnes, a sophomore in the Honors College hailing from Oakland, Oregon. He likes to play guitar, listen to music, and study literature.  He reads selected poems.


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