Derek Moody - high priest of rock My name is Rev. Derek Moody, self-ordained high-priest of rock n roll. My radio path began in August of 1999 on a commercial rock station out of Peoria Illinois (WWCT Rock 106).

I learned the ropes quickly as I was put on overnights seven days a week, midnight to 6am. In October of that same year, the station program director asked me to create a unique two hour radio show to air on Sunday evenings from 10pm to Midnight. Thus, on Halloween of October 1999, THE CHURCH OF ROCK RADIO SHOW made its debut over the radio airwaves!

Producing & hosting the show was and still is a pleasure. It's diverse, playing rock music from the 1940s thru today, incorporating musical history with humor while carrying on a tradition of old school rock n roll radio shows. We have an interactive relationship with our loyal listening audience, some who have been fans since the beginning.

Rarely missing a show, we answer every phone call that comes in, considering every song request we receive and even doing the occasional  dedication or "shoutout", which listeners really seem to enjoy. This listener interaction makes it fun for us too.

Since its inception, the show has found a home on 8 different radio stations over it's 19 years on the air, with KSKQ being our current & hopefully final home for the show. (Four years at KSKQ so far!). Over the years the show has developed a loyal cult following and our rock n roll congregation tunes in faithfully, attending "Church" weekly to join in on the national community we try to create every Sunday. We are also currently syndicated weekly on KBOG radio in Bandon Oregon.

Nearly 3 years ago, Sister Tracy McCloud, a sixteen year contributor to the show, was asked to join the show as co-host and co-producer. She brings so much to the show and is invaluable with her research skills, musical knowledge, unique taste in musical genres, as well as her fun on air personality.

We are both residents of south Ashland and have resided in the awesome Rogue Valley for nearly a decade.

The Church of Rock radio show celebrates our 20th anniversary in October of this year :)