“The Seven Dirty Words”

In 1978, George Carlin brought down the wrath of the FCC when his album George Carlin, Occupation: Foole was broadcast. In his album, he used shit, piss, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, fuck and tits repeatedly. These words are considered to be offensive speech, and are called "Pacifica" words, relating to the station's affiliation engaged in the lawsuit with the FCC.

We do not want to hear the words cunt, cocksucker, and motherfucker at all. These words are disrespectful in general and usually used in a disrespectful manner.  Tits does not seem to bother most people. Shit, piss and fuck are prevalent in a lot of music. When they are used as expletives or exclamations they are relatively harmless (contextual merit). When put in your face as in 'fuck you' they are disrespectful and should not be used.

Use all the information presented in the section on Appropriate Language to make your decisions.

Accept guidance from staff members, other DJ's, listeners, your friends and neighbors, as well as using your better judgment. Both the material and the manner in which you present it can be a plus or a minus.  Stations have been fined for material with excessively repeated bad words. Repeated offensive words or the tone of the material may have no socially redeeming value.

Always be aware of your audience. If your listeners are calling the station to complain about the words they're hearing on the air, take some proactive action. That means quit doing it. All questionable material should be cleared for broadcast by station management, a three-person programming review committee. The use of appropriate language is open to debate and any lawsuit that may be brought against you and us. Please refer to the KSKQ Broadcast Agreement for Announcers/Producers.