The Brain – Wes Brain, Host

The Labor – Jason Houk, Engineer

The Brain Labor Report LOOKS like this:

Workers Independent News is the anchor for our daily show

We play labor songs.
Anne Feeney’s “War on the Workers” opens up each show right at 7:00 a.m.

We talk about the many struggles of working people reporting the stories and perspectives of the working class that are ignored by mainstream media.

We have interviews each day usually with local, but sometimes with national community leaders, activists, students, union and a wide assortment of ordinary working people.

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  1. hilary says:

    “Comment: from John” (No need to post my last message re Tues archive).
    Jason you’re a wonder. Todays show was archived on the web a few minutes after we finished the interview.
    Wes, I enjoyed doing the show with you. Thanks for letting me share my views, on corporate domination of our culture, and the need to impeach the sitting President and Vice President for trashing our Constitution. I should have mentioned the corporate owned media which is the instrument of corporate hegemony. A media that keeps the public blindsided. Example: initiating a cat fight between candidates two years in advance of the election as a sideshow to distract the public from the real issues — an administration that repeatedly and openly breaks the law; and a Congress that refuses to stand up and be counted.

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