Floodwater Damaged HomeOn the Brain Labor Report, we talk with Paloma Galindo of United Mountain Defense about the recent coal sludge spill in Tennessee.

“It was really fortunate … that no one was killed.” 

December 29, 2008 >>> Listen or Download Here

On Monday, December 22 around 1:00 a.m. residences living near the Kingston coal plant were flooded with 5.4 million cubic yards of toxic coal sludge from a coal plant retention pond, burying homes and roads.  It covered 400 acres of land up to 6 feet and flooded into tributaries of the Tennessee River – the water supply for Chattanooga TN and millions of people living downstream in Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Colette WashingtonOn the Brain Labor Report we talk with Colette Washington about HR 676,the Single Payer Healthcare Plan. Colette does online communications for the CNA/NNOC. She has used media including rap to get labor’s message out and is an accomplished musician. She also helped spearhead the production of a video in the fight to reopen the New Orleans Charity Hospital.

December 19, 2008 >>> Listen or Download Here

Dick MeisterOn the Brain Labor Report we talk with labor journalist Dick Meister. Dick has covered labor issues for a half-century.

“When I started … every paper had one or more labor reporters…”

December 16, 2008 >>> Listen or Download Here

John ParulisOn the Brain Labor Report we talk with videographer John Parulis about independent media, labor media and how to get technology working faster and reach larger audiences.

“Labor news … I believe … is the most important news out there right now!”

December 15, 2008 >>> Listen Here

25 - The Confiscation of American Prosperity: From Right-Wing Extremism and Economic Ideology to the Next Great Depression

On the Brain Labor Report we talk with Professor Michael Perelman about the “teachable moment” of today’s labor struggles.

December 12, 2008 >>> Listen or Download Here Radio host Peter B. Collins joins us for a reflection on the weak coverage of labor issues in mainstream media.

“There are opportunities with the internet and new media for independent voices to get the message out…”

December 11, 2008 >>> Listen or Download Here

Wren BradleyWe talk with Wren Bradley, producer of Labor Matters, a labor radio program.  We discuss the social services provided by her show and the importance of labor media.

“There is a hunger for people to hear alternative news.”
~ Wren Bradley

December 8, 2008 >>> Listen Here


We talk with Connie Saldana with the Multicultural Association of Southern Oregon about their support of KSKQ community radio.

November 24, 2008 >>> Listen Here

On the Brain Labor Report we interview Robert Bahar, the director of the Emmy Award winning documentary Made In L.A..

November 19, 2008 >>> Listen Here

We talk with Steve Zeltzer about new channels labor uses to get their message out.  Also discussion about Labor Tech 2008.

October 23, 2008 >>> Listen Here

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