Bessie SmithWhat is the blues. One can describe it historically. One can talk about he spirituals and work songs of the slaves in the 'Deep South' that formed the foundation of this truly American form of the ballad. One can mention the different styles, from Delta to Piedmont to Kansas City and Chicago. Or one can analyze its technical from, the twelve bar chord progression, the AABA form, or even the 'blue notes,' the flattened third, fifth and seventh notes. But none of that can capture what the blues is. It's a feeling that is beyond description. Yes, it's melancholy and sadness. Yes, it's struggling with the exigencies of everyday life, from the mean boss to the flirty girl friend to the philandering husband. But it's more than that.

To find out how much more, listen to Live with the Shiv. The Shiv, or Richard Schaefer off the air, has been around music a long time. Hey, one of his jobs was installing eight track players in cars. How many of you even remember those marvels of technology? Born in Edison, NJ, where he met and married fellow KSKQ on air personality Anna Wild, he came to Oregon eight years ago. He's an expert in sound engineering, film and video productions and has worked at three Olympic Games (Including the upcoming ones in London). When he's not playing the blues, or skiing or following the fate of the NY Yankees, he works as a stagehand at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Tune in every Monday from 4 - 6 pm and listen to the blues and the other music forms it spawned.