Here's today's playlist:

Song | Composer | Artist | Album

  • You Are (Variations) - You are wherever your thoughts are    Steve Reich    Steve Reich    Phases
  • Cherry Cheesecake    Michael Gordon, David Land And Julia Wolfe    Michael Gordon, David Lang And Julia Wolfe    The Carbon Copy Building
  • Reich: Tehillim - 1. Fast    Steve Reich    Reinbert De Leeuw: Schoenberg Ensemble, The Hague Percussion Group    Reich: Phases
  • Scott Johnson: Soliloquy From How It Happens (The Voice Of I.F. Stone) 1991    Scott Johnson    Kronos Quartet    Short Stories
  • WTC 9/11: I. 9/11    Steve Reich    Kronos Quartet    Reich: WTC 9/11
  • I Lie: I Lie    David Lang    Ars Nova Copenhagen    Lang: The Little Match Girl Passion