The Streets were full with concerned Southern Oregonians today for the second week in a row for a Tuesday noon rally in downtown Medford. Well over 500 people gathered to fight for our democracy.  Like the first gathering last Tuesday we assembled at the Federal Building on 6th Street, the home of Senator Ron Wyden’s field office and heard from the Senator staffer Molly, and then we set out for Walden’s office down on Main Street across from the old Woolworth bldg..  The march was awesome.

We assembled on both sides of Main Street outside of Congressman Grep Walden’s office and chanted “Health Care for All” in the most amazing display that included HCAO signs throughout the large noisy crowd.  Rep. Walden’s young staffer came out to a confrontation of citizens who are tired of playing that child game ‘Where’s Waldo” and so demanded a town hall meeting to face his constituents.  This was the most impressive show of democracy I have ever witnessed in the streets of Medford, Oregon (lived here since ’56). 
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