AntipoDee is proud to host a 3 part Afro-Brazilian music series Fridays  10/9, 10/16 and 10/23 from 7-9pm, right before Reggae Rob's eponymous dub delight. This special show visits a deep musical experience;  featuring Bossa Nova, Samba,  Candomble and Capoeira, Reggae, Batucada, Funk, Latin-jazz and more...

The first show features talented guest Luan Rasta, Brazilian music specialist.

Luan Rasta is a vocalist, percussionist and co-founder of reggae group FumaSound. He is a native of the city of Salvador, Bahia, in northern Brazil, one of the richest musical crucibles in the world.

FumaSound started at the end of 2009 in Salvador, in a community known as Baixa do Tubo in the neighborhood of Cosme de Farias.  The group was co-founded  by Leo Roots, J-FyaSelecta and Gabriel ‘Gordo’.  

The band created music influenced by new styles in Jamaican reggae roots, new roots, ragamuffin, and rap.  Molded by Salvador’s Sound System culture (an alternative music scene created by Salvador’s group ‘Ministerio Publico Sistema de Som Perambulante’) , FumaSound adopted the format of the groups of Sound System Jamaican, created by MCs ‘Mestres de Cerimonia’ whose DJs represent the band, producing and performing Riddims, processing effects and samples.

FumaSound is working to release their first disc named 'Estilo Livre' with 10 audio tracks, including 'Militante da Palavra' ft. MC Macedo, 'Queima Babilonia', 'Estilo Livre', 'Busque a 'Paz de Jah', 'Salvador Cidade Desespero', and a bonus track O Horto Agora Está Morto' ft. MC Macedo, MC Kozak, and MC Morris.

Tune in Friday 10/9, 10/16, 10/23 from 7-9 pm.