Girl TalkRegina Ayars and Carol Voisin, producers of Girl Talk since April 2013, are local “girls” who decided that women and men needed some good old 60's “conscientiousness raising”. Each week they bring their own brand of feminism to the airwaves. They come together each week with slightly different perspectives - Carol more alternative and edgy and Regina more traditional and data driven - but always focused on women, their achievements, and their struggles.

Regina Ayars has lived in Ashland for the last thirteen years serving on boards for many local non-profits like League of Women Voters, Peace House, Rose Circle Network, American Association of University Women, Options for Homeless Residents of Ashland.  She currently serves on the Ashland Housing and Human Services Commission. Carol Voisin is a professor at Southern Oregon University, teaching Ethics in the 21st Century, and is an Ashland City Councilor, serving her second term.

Girl Talk can be heard live every Sunday from Noon till 12:30 p.m. Archived programs are also available.