Aletha NowtizkyComposer and performance artist Aletha Nowitzky (alias Ma Cappella) has been caught red-handed in a giggle of intriguing venues, not to mention costumes. Her motto, "Be what you want to see!" has goaded Aletha into past shifts of shape such as a mermaid in a fountain, a fairy on a tree stump, an angel in a living nativity, and an animal rejoicing on Saint Francis' Day in the "Church of Harmania", each spouting a strange and wacky wisdom that is unique to their collective creator.

Aletha's latest imaginarrative happens right here at KSKQ with her show, "Tasty Topics and Tantalizing Tunes." This fine show airs every Saturday morning from 10 to 11 a.m. and focuses on health and well being and other fun stuff! It's a collage of uplifting music, light-hearted discussion, poetry, vegan recipes, InnerViews, and other thought-provoking, entertaining inspiration! Aletha invites one and all to become her Dear Listeners, and join her on a heaventriloquest through Saturday morning, as she beams loving sound to everyone on the planet!