It is with great sadness that KSKQ announces the passing of Michael McGuire, the broadcast engineer who shepherded KSKQ all the way from its beginnings in 2004 to where we are today, broadcasting at 560 watts to the whole Rogue Valley. Michael was a member of the original team that dreamed of having a low power community radio station in Ashland.

After the station received its low power construction permit from the FCC in 2004, Michael helped everyone keep their eyes on the price. The fledgling station faced many obstacles--finding a proper antenna location, finding a studio space, finding the money to make it all happen. In 2007, just days away from loosing its construction permit, when many on the organizing committee were ready to let the permit lapse, Michael pushed forward. He spearheaded the effort to install the antenna and transmitter at Joe's place on the old Highway 99. And so KSKQ went on the air.

In the years since, Michael was the indispensable technical resource, the man who knew broadcasting technology inside out and who single-handedly kept us on the air. The transition to the full power license, the installation of the transmitter on Table Mountain, the planning for the full power antenna, all of it wouldn't have happened without Michael. The photos below show his wonderful spirit. From left to right: Michael installing the low power transmitter - broadcasting for the first time - Michael during the full power test broadcast on Table Mountain - the plaque honoring Michael

We mourn his passing and remain deeply grateful for his contributions.

Michael McGuireMichael McGuireMichael McGuirePlaque

Here is a short video of Michael McGuire supervising the installation of the new transmitter.