Rock SchoolRock School is a one hour weekly showcase of classical rock music and little-known facts about the legendary artists featured. Dr. Joe Burns and Chad P team up to host this show. The concept was born in 2007 when Dr. Burns was asked to make a guest deejay appearance with Chad P. The hour went so well that both Burns and P decided to turn their 1 hour of fun into a weekly show. Two weeks later, Rock School was born.

Featuring various bands and singers from the 60's, 70's, and 80's, Rock School travels back to when the music was pure and teaches some not-so-pure things about the artists featured. "I love working with Doc. He's so into it and he knows so much. It's a challenge just to keep up with him, but one I really enjoy," said Chad P. "Their chemisrty together is unreal. You can tell they have a passion for the work they're doing," said Todd Delaney, general manager.

Tune in every Monday night at 1 pm.